I’m Recommending You Take A Break (again)

As I write this, I’m also considering what I need to pack for a vacation.  Rejuvenation and rebooting is critical for us to operate at our peak performance, we all need to let go of our daily stresses.

What is the most effective way to do this?  I’ve written before on the need to pick great employees and get out of their way, a vacation is a natural extension of the philosophy.  I’m overjoyed to say that keeping great people around helps me every day to be better, and never more so than during our getaways.

Rejuvenation requires us to stop working, while I know that completely uncoupling from our job is impossible for many of us but getting as close as possible is critical.  People at work need to understand your value, and this is will become apparent when your away.

Your family also needs to understand your commitment to them which is never more evident than when you put your phone down (or better yet, leave it in the room) and engage/laugh with them.  This will recharge you in ways that work never will.

To do this, schedule critical only work events around a very small window while your away.  If necessary, check your email only during this time, and respond to only the most critical, preferably with a timeline to re-address when you return.  If at all possible shut down checking completely and relegate it to the Airport on the way home if necessary.

Let every one of your critical people know you will be gone.  This seems obvious, but limiting the amount of possible email while your away and empowering your employees to handle things while you’re out will solve a huge chunk of your need to check in.  They want you have a good time and will self-regulate to a certain extent.  When they can’t:

Designate one person that can call you.  I know that things can blow up, but someone you trust to understand the difference between a mild disaster that can wait and a full-blown fallout issue should be the only person who can interrupt family, and even they must understand that your phone might be on lock down in your room.   Choose someone you wish to empower and have faith in.

These are simple ideas but putting them in place will help you get more from yourself while away, give more to your family when you’re with them and give back to the people at work when you return.  Let the scheduling begin.

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