Customer Service vs Technicians

While working in technical professions its easy to seek out the best technicians we can find, understanding that they will have the specialized skills to fix problems.  Especially now, with so many technical people vying for jobs, picking the cream of the technical abilities crop becomes easy to do and defend.
However, I would recommend that you find a good technician from the group and then consider their customer service skills as having as much or more say in your decision.  I would also base those customer service skills foremost on their abilities at empathy.
Empathy can be difficult for technically oriented people, I know it seems stereotypical, but referencing multiple cases from my history in the I.T. field is all to easy (including myself).  It’s important for customer service personnel to understand the viewpoints and problems of the customer.  Just as important is the need of the customer to understand they have been listened to and heard.  So many I.T. base problems would not occur if technical customer service representatives took the time to listen to the entire problem before diving in.
Patience on the side of the customer is required as well.  Technical people are there to help, and they understand this.  Finding customer representatives that can bridge this gap faster and efficiently will help in almost every technical problem they approach and address.

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