Hunting for Better Management

Hi everyone, sorry for the long delay. As my last blog revealed I’m dealing with some family matters that made blogging difficult. For that same reason I’ve decided to start doing things that are not in my normal wheelhouse, and one I’m sharing in this blog.

Being born in Nevada (not Las Vegas) increases the odds that you will be a hunter, you know hunters, have seen hunting or own some piece of camouflage clothing that is not just a fashion statement. I missed this in my upbringing, and was raised around weapons but never hunted more than rabbits on a family friends ranch as a child.

As I got older I got offers to hunt birds or deer, but as I had never taken the mandatory hunter safety class I was relegated to tagging along or just not going. When the offer was made again a couple of weeks ago I signed up to take the safety course and finally try out this rural Nevada rite of passage. I promise to write on the Hunter Safety Course in an upcoming blog, it’s too rich in material to exclude.

My hunting experience was fantastic, although probably not for all the reasons that it should be, and all of it reminded me of working with people and situations properly. From a management point of view I would always recommend getting away and clearing your mind. Being in a wilderness with no cell phone coverage or laptop access is by far the most effective reset tool I have experienced. Vacations are nice, but checking your phone from time to time to check in inevitably happens. A forced unplug is by far more refreshing and relaxing.

If you ever want to test the boundaries of good management, do so with firearms and the possibility of grave harm if systems fail. Trusting in your team of other hunters, proper planning and calm heads when things go wrong all become more critical when the nearest point of contact/survival is two hours away on a very bad road. What follows is a couple of the ways I found hunting reinforces good management in the civilized world.

Gather all the information you can
Test everything before you do anything
Trust the people that are smarter than you
Problems will happen, stay calm and work it through
Metrics still count, but be sure to define them

I’m going to talk about each of these points in my next blog, which I promise to release in a day or two.

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  1. Bill – love the blog. Keep up the effort. I like the writing style. It’s efficient. I will point other folks to it. I appreciate what you are doing with it. Thanx again. Shrek

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