I’m Taking My Own Advice, I’m Stopping This Writing and Leaving on Vacation:

A couple of blogs ago I talked about how important I feel it is to take vacations and recharge. I’m just letting my readers know that over the next three weeks I will be traveling around and not blogging, don’t panic.

I have not taken a real vacation in years and have managed to carve out 3 weeks for just my wife and I to travel, visit spas and recalibrate. If I find time to blog while I’m away I will, but I’m not worried that all of my readers will disappear in my absence. Hopefully some new ones will find my previous posts while I’m away.

I will be working on several ideas for future blog post as well as continuing my journey in the technical world with a new camera that so far has amazed me with its capabilities. So the future of this site promises more blogs and a lot of my own photos. Up till now I’ve used death to stock photos websites and the amazing talents of a long time friend/photographer Lars Nicholson. If you want to see what a truly good photographer does with portrait photography and other venues, visit http://www.imagesbycornerstone.com

If my previous blogs were on point, my staff will not only forget about my absence but also most likely prosper by getting more done without me. Surrounding myself with strong employees and empowering them has many advantages and I’m about to reap one of them. If the team is strong enough they will not need to communicate with me while I’m away, and yet why would I ask that? Am I hoping to not be informed while I’m away? Remember, you built a good crew now respect them enough to allow them the power to determine if you need to be contacted regarding something important.

As I write this I’m on a plane to Las Vegas (not my vacation, yet) and I will leave you all with this parting, frequent thought from my blog. Find good people, encourage them to be better and show them service and leadership, and then get out of their way. For the next couple weeks I will be out of their way completely and I could not be more confident that my work world and sanity is in good hands. I will also get out of your way now and let you comment on this or any other of my blogs.

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