Why can’t your technology be smart enough to manage itself?

In many ways, it is. A wide array of tools exists to streamline your technology solutions and make management of these devices and the people that use them easier.

Here are a couple of my favorite fixes for some difficult technical solutions. Depending on the size of your needs most of these are scalable.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).

It’s hard to believe I need to pitch this very old solution, but honestly its usefulness is almost without parallel. Several premade and cloud based solutions use this protocol to manage all of your network devices including switching, routing, servers, drive space, temperature monitoring and more. Some management consoles that I have used and liked:


MDM (Mobile Device Management)

This one is a gem, and greatly helps with managing mobile devices in a workplace. These cloud-based systems use the network capabilities of your smart phones, tablets, laptops and desk systems to enforce policies, connectivity, inventory control and remote management (lock, wipe, etc). Depending on size, this solution can actually be free!

Of course, all of these solutions require someone to setup and manage these systems, but the payoff is found when one or two people can manage and monitor hundreds or even thousands of devices. Alerting, available on all these systems, will tell the manager when anything is acting out of the norm or needs attention.

Write me back with some of the solutions you have found to streamline your work environment.  I would also point out that I use Evernote, Asana, Wunderlist and others for project management, more on those in a later blog.

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