This Independence Day, give your employees independence.

It’s the most common theme in my blogs; hire or make great employees, do everything you can to empower them, and then get out of their way. Managing effective, motived people never requires babysitting. Getting some managers to stop parenting employees is almost impossible, but critical for team cohesion and extended growth.

How do we empower employees to be effective and motivated?


Engage your employees to train others:

Have them train other employees throughout the organization. Perfect for technology transfer, perfect for showing what your department is working on, great for showing your employees how much you trust them with sharing what they know.


Also get them to train other I.T. people:

Communication between technology people can be difficult, don’t let it be. Encourage or even mandate cross training of your staffers whenever possible. It strengthens teams and inspires cooperation.


Distribute special projects to ensure success:

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your team; distribute projects to the people that can get them done. Doing so will lift the entire team with successes. Conversely, don’t overburden one team member with every project, it will drag them down and demoralize other members. Find and utilize every team member’s strengths.


Cut down on the meetings:

Short, effective meetings with your staff are better for all parties. They will feel like your wasting their time to have meetings that could have been handled impromptu. Getting out of their way means just that; get them out of all of those meetings.


Be and actual leader:

If you want them to follow you, make decisions. Be consistent. Be fair. Engage their ideas and give credit when due.


If you feel like your being a helicopter parent to some of your technical staff, you are. Stop doing it, empower them to be better and give them a nourishing path. Sometimes you will need to be a mentor, don’t be a parent, and ensure it is only done long enough to get them back to experiencing gratifying productivity.

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