Stop Reading This And Book Your Vacation Right Now

I keep writing about how to keep your employees engaged, empowered and at their productive peak. While this state of high output is great from a work point of view, it’s never been one that should be continued year round. Current Bureau of Labor Statics show that only 86% of private workers have access to paid time off. Of those, only 1 in 4 actually use all their time off.

The downside to this hard working ethic is that we get burned out, and technical employees are on the bottom end of that 1 in 4 ratio. It seems to be a cornerstone in the technical employees mind that survival at work without them is not possible or at worst could cause them to loose their jobs.

Money comes into play when considering vacations, not having enough to get away is a real problem for employees. However, a recent gallop pole showed that people who make less than $24,000 a year and took regular time off were HAPPIER than those making $120,000 and taking infrequent vacations. The point being, despite the money situation time off is critical for employees to feel valued and productive while at work and away from it.

I’m guilty; I have not taken a significant vacation in years. I tend to take long weekend vacations by adding a Friday off to a Monday holiday. This is a great way to get a much-needed shot in the arm of relaxation, but it is a poor substitute for a real getaway.

I’m taking my own advice and recently booked a great vacation for a couple of weeks. I’m also actively encouraging my employees to do the same whenever possible, and just encouraging them to take this time is a powerful way to prove you care about their well being.

Your work will survive and be better off when you return with a fully recharged and engaged employee. Your employees will thank you for encouraging their getaway and you will get better employees in return. Your families will be happier that you all got away and improve your home life when your home at night.

There are so many upsides to this that I beg you all to stop reading my blog and book some time away right now.  You will be happier and I will have more for you to read when you get back.

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