I.T. Management Excellence, or Why Does This Blog Matter: William Dippel

It’s a fair question, why does this blog matter. There are thousands of fantastic blogs and a large subset of those is centered on management. I follow some of them and think that a great blog entertains, informs and for me most importantly engages me to think about my management environment differently, more dynamically. I’m also immersed daily in managing a team of diverse professionals and technical “geeks” (they prefer I call them that) through the fascinating job of supporting scientists at home and around the globe.

My team supports a unique, science-based mission that is an extension of the University of Nevada. Thanks to this environment this team is unique itself in staffing and operations, supporting both mundane and highly specialized I.T. resources. For me, I’m a 24-year veteran of this environment, starting my career as an air quality scientist and migrating through the every support role available in an I.T. department. This has allowed me to be supported by I.T. and then provide that I.T. support for the last 18 years of my career.

So back to the beginning, why will this blog matter? By being on both sides of the equation, as well as working as a PC Support tech, Networking Manager, Systems Manager, Security Professional, a CIO and finally an Assistant Vice President I have seen impressively run divisions and not so much. I have worked with people and systems that have touched every aspect of this industry and in ways touch every packet of commodity traffic in the world. And given all of this exposure, the most effective measure of a good team and an effective support division I have found has been how they are selected, managed, supported and treated.

I will touch on most if not all of these aspects, as well as explore some other ideas that did not exist when I started my career and how effective these methods are in the unique management of the I.T. environment. I expect to help, answer questions and inform on both my successes and failures. Most importantly, I desire to learn from this blog, as much as write it, as I will explain early in this blog adventure why I feel that philosophically if you give up learning you should get out of management immediately.

Come join me, let’s see where this leads.

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