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On Adversity and Focusing on The Positive

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how keeping your eye on the path around the rock while riding a bike and not staring at the obstacle is important. http://www.billdippel.com/2016/07/stop-staring-obstacles Last week I was at a convention with 34,000 other people, and listening to a wide variety of speakers and concepts.  Yes, they were selling towards a …


BillDippel-thbWilliam is a hands-on IT centric leader with a strong background in ERP and large project management, with service quality assured through metrics and strategic management of staff, resources, and user support operations.  He possess extensive expertise in the administration of large enterprise networks and technical platforms, facilitating research and business processes while serving as a key contributor to productivity and client satisfaction levels as well as expense reductions.  He has over 22 years of combined practice in the areas of project and personnel management, security, research performance computing and both commercial/open source metrics tools.  His emphasis is building, training, leading, supporting, and motivating talented IT teams focused on surpassing objectives.

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